Our Workouts

  • F45 workouts are sweat-dripping , 45-minute high intensity interval sessions
  • Results in intense burning fat and builds lean muscle mass.
  • F45 always delivers different exciting workouts
  • Alternating days of cardio/ endurance and strength/ resistance

What you can expect from F45 Louisville




photo of three fit women
The Workouts at F45 St. Matthews in Louisville, Kentucky
Best gym in louisville showing a group workout at F45
  • When members walk in the studio, they are greeted by one of our certified fitness coaches and checked in
  • Before the workout starts, the coach will gather the team for a demonstration of the workout
  • Each exercise is demo by the coach  and explained along with modification options
  • Modifications are important: not everyone as the same fitness levels or abilities
  • F45 coaches will give you modification options for each exercise based on your personal ability
  • Modifications will also occur in realtime during the workout
  • Monitors are located on the studio walls that also demo the individual exercises
  • Correct form/technique is very key : our coaches make that happen for each member!
  • Our coaches are here for you!
  • As members work out in our studios, our coaches are there to keep them motivated, but more importantly-KEEP THEM SAFE!
  • Our certified and skilled coaches help members find modifications for any movement they perform in our studios,
  •  At F45 will we work to help you achieve your fitness goals!
  • Our coaches will motivate, inspire and keep you pushing through our sessions!
  • Our members are all in this together! We are A COMMUNITY !!
  • We are a community of different shapes and sizes.
  • A fitness community of different fitness levels and skills
  • At F45 the ages of our members span from age 16 up to 72 !!
  • F45 team training builds community as members work side-by-side motivating each other to push through their workouts and reach their goals!
  • F45 is more than just a gym, it’s a family.
  • We will make sure your fitness goals are met !!!