Our Members Love F45!

What Some Members of F45 Louisville Have to Say

Jennifer Harbolt

Fitness levels do not matter! I have been able to continue going at 32 weeks pregnant with the support and workout adjustments provided from the coaches. Never have I felt singled out during any class!

Chelsey Tingle

Great place to get your heart rate up and tone your muscles! All the trainers are especially helpful and dedicated to improving your technique and achieving your personal goals!

Greg Rosen

If you live in the Louisville area and want to become the best YOU and meet some new friends along the way, you must go to F45 St. Matthews. F45 is not just the best workout you'll ever have, it's actually fun and the people at the St. Matthews studio have figured out how to maximize the fun while you sweat like you've never done before. I was just visiting for a few days but they immediately treated me like family. Try the week trial and you'll never look back!

Niki Whitaker

Fun, fast-paced workout that meets you where you are and allows room for growth. The trainers are the best! Couldn't be happier F45 has opened near me.

Amie Norton

If you are looking for a new gym to workout and get great results come,check out F45 in Crestwood. First week is free and it is a different workout every single day that goes by quick! Incredible trainers Kim Schulte Postema and Jen Silvers Mannarelli who encourage you and push you to your best! F45 Training Crestwood

Alisha Wade

Started a little over a month ago and have LOVED every minute! To say the coaches are Amazing would be an understatement. Classes are challenging yet rewarding! Highly recommend!

Traci Hammond

I only have good things to say about F45!! Every coach I have had interactions with has been AMAZING and made me feel welcome! They motivate me push harder, lift heavier, and to better myself! All of the coaches are knowledgeable and do really well moving around the room to check form and push everyone during the classes. Not going to lie- The workouts themselves are challenging and often push me to the limit. But I leave every day feeling so accomplished and proud of myself....

Linda Kempf

Love F45!!! It’s a perfect balance for the body and mind. The quick pace keeps your brain busy. The alternating cardio and strength days ensure that you’re working your body in an efficient way. And the atmosphere, coaches and teammates make 45 minutes fly by!

Brittany Wyatt Smith

When I started going to F45, I had not consistently been working out, but F45 offered classes that were easy to commit to and I have been going to F45 St. Matthews consistently since July 2019. All fitness levels are welcome at F45 and each class has different exercises and timing, which keeps things interesting. The trainers are knowledgeable and energetic. They all encourage you to push yourself to do your best each class. The length and intensity of the class are perfect - I always leave feeling satisfied with my work out for the day. I’m so glad I decided to invest in myself and start my F45 journey last summer!

Dorothy Campbell Cochran

Love, love F45!! The team atmosphere and the knowledgeable coaching staff make getting fit fun and exciting!